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ec iconEmpereon Constar is a great place to work!

We deliver a comprehensive contact center solutions spanning the entire life-cycle of a consumer account. Through two distinct, but affiliated, privately held entities, Empereon Constar provides end to end customer solutions for leading fortune 500 companies representing the finance, telecommunications, entertainment media, satellite, broadband, e-commerce, consumer loan, bankcard, and under-banked business sectors.


Empereon Constar Values

 Company Values

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • TeamWork
Our handshake inspires confidence in both customers and employees

 CEO Handshake

Our handshake inspires confidence in both customers and employees to expect that we will act with absolute integrity in all that we do, seek continuous improvement, always perform at our best and win.

Company Culture

 Company Culture

A culture of innovation, quality, and integrity… Empereon-Constar established a culture of innovation, quality and integrity, that forms our ethics and is the basis of everything we do.


Empereon – Constar has established lasting partnerships based on our collective commitment to a higher standard of excellence, absolute integrity in all that we do, and to always perform at our best – signified by my “Handshake” with our employees and with the clients we serve. Travis Bowley, CEO.

Travis Bowley CEOLeading by example, our CEO, Travis Bowley, has fostered a company culture defined by our core values – Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Teamwork, and Passion – which guide our day-to-day activities and create real value for our clients and their customers. This culture extends to and is embraced by our nearshore, Baja location.

At Empereon-Constar, our culture is a key component of our success and a distinct competitive advantage that we are able to offer our clients; these same qualities are the attributes we seek in new hires at our Baja location.

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Empereon Centers of Excellence

ec iconAZ I Phoenix  Ph: 602-889-3655

ec iconAZ II Glendale  Ph: 602-559-9300

ec iconNew Mexico  Ph: 575-541-5550

ec iconPennsylvania  Ph: 814-260-1088

ec iconSouth Carolina  Ph: 864-626-5888

ec iconTexas  Ph: 281-972-5599