Constar Financial Services, LLC Partners With Hampton Pryor Group To Strengthen Regulatory Compliance Program

Compliance is a key business priority. Our partnership with Hampton Pryor Group will provide the industry expertise to build a more robust Comprehensive Compliance Platform for Constar.

Constar Financial Services, LLC (Constar), an affiliate company of Empereon Marketing, LLC, provides comprehensive consumer contact and account support solutions that span the entire lifecycle of a consumer account. Constar announced today its partnership with the Hampton Pryor Group to manage Constar’s compliance program.


The Hampton Pryor Group will provide Constar with in-depth regulatory knowledge to strengthen the Company’s Comprehensive Compliance Platform and ensure compliance requirements are met in a more robust manner.

Noted industry expert, Joe Adams, CCCO, CRCP, CIA, and his team at Hampton Pryor Group will be responsible for directing and monitoring Constar’s all-inclusive compliance program. Mr. Adams will also serve as Constar’s Chief Compliance Officer, assuming the role from Martha Hewitt. Ms. Hewitt will continue to manage all Executive Administration functions, including Audit Management (PCI, SSAE) and Corporate Support Services, for Empereon-Constar and its new subsidiary companies.


Constar considers compliance to be a key business priority. Increasingly complex compliance issues and ongoing regulatory mandates emphasize how critical compliance expertise is to organizational success. The strategic guidance and industry knowledge that Joe Adams and the Hampton Pryor Group provide will be invaluable resource to our company and our clients. - Martha Hewitt, Executive Administration Director.

Constar is committed to implementing strong compliance and risk management programs, which are an essential component of business success at this time,... The Hampton Pryor Group looks forward to assisting Constar continue and further improve their compliance program. - Mr. Adams, Constar’s Chief Compliance Officer.


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