COVID-19 Virus: Update

COVID-19 Virus: Update

We understand there is a great amount of concern and uncertainty with the situation of COVID-19 happening around the world.  We want to take a moment to let you know we appreciate everyone coming to work and supporting our clients

and their customers as well as striving to keep a sense of normality while things are changing rapidly around us.   

As of today we have had no known cases among any team members at any of our centers. 

Empereon-Constar is taking proactive steps to minimize the spread of germs to combat flu and cold season. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we have upgraded our cleaning schedules and routines and provided additional disinfectant supplies to all common areas.  We continue to take steps to mitigate risk among team members.

However, we still need our employees to come to work because our clients and the customers need us. We have the ability to continue helping those in a way that other businesses cannot.  We are helping our clients and their customers access phones, internet, and television so that they can stay on top of events as around the world as they unfold, as well as stay connected to each other. As I heard one of our leaders in operations state, “we are still providing an essential service during a time of need”.

We have added some FAQ for you as we continue to monitor the situation. 

Q.   We’ve been hearing about the measures states and companies are taking to keep workers safe. What is our risk for us?  

  1. We have relatively low instances of the virus here in the location where we have centers.  The number of confirmed cases is still relatively low with few deaths reported. We continue to monitor the news and health organizations for the best current view. 
  2. There are no known cases among team members as of this time. Empereon-Constar has been very proactive about minimizing the spread of germs to combat flu season and cold season. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we have upgraded our cleaning schedule and routine, provided disinfectant supplies to all common areas. We continue to take steps to mitigate risk among team members..  

Q.  Will Empereon-Constar be implementing a work-from-home policy anytime soon?

A. Given our low exposure rate and current safety practices, we are not implementing a companywide work from home policy at this time We have a leadership task force in place that will continue to evaluate the best course of action on a daily basis to ensure the health and safety of our workforce. In addition, we have sent all agents a work-from-home survey to understand our capabilities should it come to this. 

Q.   What travel guidelines are we giving team members? 

A. While not prohibited, personal travel to areas at risk or on any cruise ships, is highly discouraged – for both personal safety and the safety of team members. Should any team member travel to a high-risk area that travel MUST be reported immediately to the Human Resources Department. While each case will be considered under the circumstances at the time, it is possible that travel to at risk areas may result in restricted access to offices and centers until recommended period of self-quarantine has elapsed (14 days).

Q.  If I’m feeling sick, should I stay home?  

A. Following basic best practices, it is advised that you not come to work if you experience flu-like symptoms, a fever, or are exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness. Be aware that symptoms  for coronavirus and seasonal allergies are different. 

Q.  If my child’s daycare/school closes until further notice and I need to stay home to care for them, do I have to use my PST or PTO? 

A:  As every role has unique requirements, it is advised that you speak with your leader for additional guidance to balance the needs of the business with your personal situation. Team members may need to use available sick/personal or vacation time to cover the time away or take the time off without pay.  

Q.  If I get sick and have no available PST or PTO, will I receive an occurrence or any disciplinary  action if I need to stay home? 

A:  Team members who are directly impacted by the coronavirus and need time away from work and have no available PTO, will not receive any disciplinary action or punitive consequences.  

Q. My job doesn’t allow me to work from home. What can I do if I need to stay home?  

A:  As every role has unique requirements, it is advised that you speak with your leader for additional guidance to balance the needs of the business with your personal situation. Team members may need to use available PTO to cover the time away.  

Q:  If I’m uncomfortable attending in-person meetings, is Empereon-Constar in favor of using alternative options?  

A: Empereon-Constar is supportive of using conference calls or online meetings via ZOOM,as appropriate. Speak with your leader for additional guidance to balance the needs of the business with your concern.

Q.  I was recently diagnosed with the flu, not COVID-19, and no longer have symptoms. Do I need a medical note to return to the workplace? Or do I need to stay home for a certain period before returning to work?  

A: Our policy requires a Fitness for Duty release after a 5-day absence due to illness. However, due to the current environment, we will require a doctor’s release for any missed work time due to your own personal illness or the caring for a family member.

Q.  What should I do if I’ve tested positive or had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed?  

A:  All persons must notify HR if they have been diagnosed or in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus. HR will then review the most recent CDC guidelines and recommendations before determining the best course of action.