Family First Act Legislation

Family First Act Legislation

If you are watching the news or reading feeds from the internet, you have probably seen the enhanced FMLA law,known as the Family First Coronavirus Response Act, that was

recently signed by the President and effective on April 1, 2020. 

The Family First Act applies to Companies of less than 500 employees.  Because Empereon-Constar has over 1400 domestic employees, this law does not apply to us. This means you won’t be seeing new posters or new polices put in place to comply with this law.

Even though the new legislation is not applicable, the company is still taking action to take care of our employees and reduce the risk of the Coronavirus. 

As a company we offer our employee paid sick time as well as vacation time (up to 80 hours depending on location).  If an employee is unable to work because he/she is quarantined, is sick, or needs to take care of his/her child due to child care issues related to the pandemic, the Company is allowing employees to use their paid time off (PTO) to cover their income.

In addition, if an employee is in a high-risk group, lives with someone in a high-risk group or is afraid to come to work, we encourage you to stay home and stay safe.  Once PTO is exhausted this time will be unpaid. However, your safety is our number one priority.

In addition to encouraging employees to take care of themselves, we are taking care of the workplace:

  • We continue to work with our client to ensure we have jobs for all our employees;
  • Each center is disinfected two times a day.   As well as outside professionally cleaned.
  • Employees at high-risk if exposed are Non-essential employees whose jobs allow it are not working in the centers to reduce exposure;
  • We are practicing physical distancing in each center; and
  • We are working on alternative work arrangements.

For additional questions on what we are doing as a Company to keep working and keep safe, see your local management team.