Stay at Home Orders and Shelter in Place

Stay at Home Orders and Shelter in Place

Many states, cities and towns where we work have declared either a Shelter in Place or a Stay at Home order. As a company our number one goal is to keep our employee’s safe

, both at home and at work. Part of feeling safe is knowing that during these troubling times, you still have an income. That is why we are working hard to keep our business open to serve our clients and customers.

Empereon-Constar provides essential services in the form of telecommunication, internet, banking and communications.

The Department of Homeland Security – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have deemed these services as essential.  Companies, like ours, that provide these services have been authorized by DHS CISA to remain open to ensure these services continue so that Americans across the country can stay connected.

The requirements to demonstrate you work for essential services will vary by location. Each location has been instructed to provide you with what you need to come to and from work.  If you have additional questions on the process, reach out to your local HR team. They are here to help.