Empereon-Constar 2019 Back to School "RAK"

Empereon-Constar 2019 Back to School "RAK"

Everyone’s time and support made this year’s Back to School RAK a great success and helped a lot of children off to a great start to their school year. Due to your generosity , 363 children received back to school supplies!

“Thank you to each and everyone who contributed to this amazing event your help is invaluable. Everybody pulled together to help make each child’s school year successful . We are all part of a larger story that goes on through our children and this event is part of it .” ~ Martha Hewitt, Vice President , Client Services Management.

“It’s important to me to work for a company that does so much to give back to their employees and the community.” ~ John Cavallucci, Director, Operations, Division I

Working hard and having fun packing up the supplies. Thank you John Cavallucci, Ashley Metz and team you put it all together for all the kids. We appreciate the contributions everyone has made, with special thanks to Joe Adams for his donation!